Thank you all for your prayers and support! Ryan finally was able to open his eyes on December 23 and was moved out of ICU the night before Christmas. 

Ryan was taken to Texas Children's Hospital on Sunday, December 14 for stomach pain and headache that we just could not get under control. Ryan had started taking human growth hormones (HGH) and these can cause a rare (like only one reported case) of brain swelling. The ER doctors wanted to release Ryan and have an eye doctor see him as an out patient since he had no signs of anything neurological going on.

I refused, and ask the doctors what they did other then shine a light in his eyes to rule out HGH, they kept telling me its extremely impossible and rare, I stood my ground and asked how they knew for sure Ryan was not case #2. They finally admitted Ryan and started to give him the most complete work-up for a headache his doctor has ever seen. Since Ryan is a cancer survivor, bone marrow transplant survivor, with kidney damage from the radiation and chemo, every specialty department was weighting in on his case.

Unfortunately by Tuesday night, Ryan started to get delirious from the pain. The doctors rushed to get another MRA, MRV, bone marrow aspiration and a lumbar puncture on Wednesday that required sedation, but Ryan never really woke up after the procedure. On Thursday morning he had a seizure that required him to be incubated and was rushed to ICU.

As it turns out Ryan did have swelling in the brain, but the cause of the swelling is still unknown. Every test came back negative and they tested for everything. The Infection disease team came twice for more blood samples and tested for bat bites, cat scratch fever, diseases transmitted by mequitos, places he has eaten at recently, cancer relapse, everything!

We may never find out the cause, but I don't care. My son is alive and well with no signs of brain damage and I will be forever grateful for every day I have with him. I just can't decide if Ryan is one of the luckiest kids alive as he has faced death on many occasions and has walked away or the unluckiest with an iron will to live. Either way I am grateful, Ryan is my son and God has placed his care in my hands, a gift I do not take lightly and I will continue fight just a hard every time life tosses us a challenge!

December 21, 2014

December 23, 2014