"Shhhhhh, I think they are right over that hill," whispers Ryan.  "Let's go get'em!  Mom and Mandy won't see us coming... "

One warm, summer evening around 9:00 pm, a Nerf War of Capture the Flag developed surrounding the 8th hole of Southwyk Golf Course in Pearland, TX, just south of Houston.  Complete with tactics, Nerf guns, camo, face paint, and a "hilly" terrain, the battle was on between "The Moms" and "The Warriors."

"The Warriors" consisted of Ryan, Lauren (Ryan's sister), and me, and "The Mom's," well I'm sure you guessed it; Ryan’s mom Nicki, and his Godmother / Lauren's mother, Amanda.

As the wind blew gently across the golf course, low whispers and giggles could be heard.  "The Warriors" Zigzagged across the terrain, while using bushes for coverage.  They planned the first attack of many that evening. 

"Ryan, you run around the left of the hill; Lauren go to the right," I directed. "I'll come straight over the top as the two of you make yourselves around the hill.  Ok, ready?   Stay low and quiet," I whispered. 

"Yeah, right!" I thought to myself.

As Ryan and Lauren attacked the hill from the sides, I went straight over the top to find nothing on the other side.  Ryan and Lauren nearly ran into each other, and another set of laughing out loud broke out.  Next thing we knew, we were under attack from the hill behind us...."RUN!" yells Ryan.

Our next round was much more successful. "The Warriors" sneaked up on the enemy and shot'em both.  "We killed'em!" screams Ryan, excitedly.

We spent the next hour and a half, running up and down hills, utilizing sand traps, dodging Nerf bullets, and fighting hard to defend our flag.  

As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan is accustomed to seeing my animal trophies on the wall and hearing the hunting stories of how I scouted, tracked, shot and honored the kill.  Ryan is constantly asking to be allowed upstairs into my secured gunroom, as he enjoys learning about various types of weapons and ammo.

To date, he has shot a 10-22 and a M4 at the gun range.  He knows the seriousness of the sport and has experienced firsthand what a bullet can do to a pumpkin.  Ryan is well aware that safety is priority one and that a trip to the range will be short lived if rules aren't followed perfectly.

The day is soon approaching when I'll take Ryan hunting. I only hope that I can pass down the love and respect of the outdoors that I have onto Ryan and Lauren.

I am extremely excited and can hardly wait!