In June of 2011, Ryan and his mom, Nicki, were invited to come spend a few days with Grandpa Corky and his family on a Shasta Lake houseboat trip. Ryan had never met his Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris and their 2 boys, Cody and Casey, and Grandpa Corky wanted them all to get to know each other.  Ryan, Cody and Casey hit it off right away. 

While we were driving around on the lake trying to find a place to tie up the Houseboat, Ryan wanted to ride the Jet Ski. Grandpa Corky, being the first willing soul, got on the back of the Jet Ski so that Ryan could steer. 

Unfortunately, Grandpa Corky got so sick from Ryan’s crazy driving that that was the first and last time he let Ryan steer while he was on the Jet Ski.  Next up was Uncle Chris, but after some really crazy driving by Ryan, Uncle Chris and Ryan both fell off the Jet Ski.  

So that left only Ryan’s mom, Nicki. She actually survived it all by holding onto the handlebars so Ryan couldn’t make the fast turns and dump her off, not that he didn’t try.  At on point, we were crazy enough to let Ryan on the jet ski by himself, but he was making so many waves, everyone on the houseboat got sea sick!

The boys had a blast jumping off the boat, swimming and doing other fun things in the water, but the best was watching Grandpa Corky do belly flops off the top of the houseboat. We all played UNO and other card games, saw a deer on the shoreline, and watched a rattlesnake swim across the water. It was a wonderful relaxing time of getting to know each other better.