Unfortunately Ryan's transplant schedule is being postponed for one week due to Ryan getting a cold.  Ryan was able to complete his cranial radiation (central nervous system) this week, but his central line surgery, admittance and full body radiation is being postponed by a week.  His new schedule is as follows:
  • Day -9 Wednesday, March 21:  Central-line surgery at TCH
  • Day -8 Thursday, March 22:  Admittance to TCH to prepare for transplant (Day 1 of a 4-6 week hospital stay).  Round one of ARA C #1 (chemotherapy)
  • Day -7 Friday, March 23:  ARA C #2 & #3, Cytoxan #1
  • Day -6 Saturday, March 24:  ARA C #4 & #5, Cytoxan #2
  • Day -5 Sunday, March 25:  ARA C #6
  • Day -4 Monday, March 26:  In-patient full body radiation #1 & #2 and Campath #1
  • Day -3 Tuesday, March 27:  In-patient full body radiation #3 & #4, Campath #2, begin tacrolimus
  • Day -2 Wednesday, March 28:  In-patient full body radiation #5 & #6, Campath #3, and tacrolimus
  • Day -1 Thursday, March 29:  In-patient full body radiation #7 & #8, and Campath #4
  • Day 0 Friday, March 30:  Bone Marrow Transplant 
On the positive side, due to Ryan's short delay he was personally invited by Chandler Parsons to tonight's Houston Rocket's Basketball game.  Unfortunately I was unable to take him so our building managers bother offered to take Ryan to the game tonight.  I understand that there is going to be something special waiting for Ryan once he gets to his seats and a photo opportunity after the game.  I can't wait for Ryan to get home to hear all about it.

Also, keep an eye out for new posting's on Ryan's memoirs page to hear all about the surprise guest (Antwaun Molden) at Ryan's Pre-Birthday party last weekend.  We asked Ryan's sister Lauren to write the story so we will post it as soon as possible.