It's Tuesday afternoon and Ryan just completed day 1 of Induction therapy at Texas Children's the day before.  We thought we had a plan but I wanted to see what MD Anderson could offer in terms of a bone marrow match.  I had heard that they were doing great things with stem cells and cord blood transplants and wanted to see what they had to say.  After all, its where I'm being treated.

John and I were shocked when we learned that MD Anderson would NOT recommend a bone marrow transplant at this time since the relapse was not in his bone marrow, its is isolated to his spinal cord.  I was not expected such differing views of how to treat Ryan's second relapse.  When we got second opinions regarding the initial diagnoses and then the relapse, the treatment plans were the same, but we learned today that there is not a lot of data or study regarding 2nd relapses.

As a result we are seeking a third opinion from Dr. Pui at St. Jude's.  Please keep us in your prayers as we sort out the best best path to take as we move forward with Ryan's treatments.