This August Ryan enjoyed another week on Lake Travis.  The freedom he enjoys on the water is the antithesis of the confinement he experiences in a hospital room.  Lake Travis affords Ryan the opportunity to embrace his adventuress side.  His love of speed and danger are embodied in some of his favorite activities:  jet skiing, tube rodeo and lake diving while attempting to catch a football.  

Ryan also embraces the quality time he spends with friends and family.  Often the activities are as simple as a heated game of Phase 10 or the opportunity to play a practical joke on a friend or family member.  This year we setup a video camera in a closet and hid there with an air horn, as unsuspecting victims entered to receive a very loud welcome.

Most importantly, Ryan continues to build positive memories, which may help erode the many challenges he has endured.  These trips underscore the importance of quality family time and expose him to the many wonderful gifts nature provides.