It's been 60 days since Ryan received his transplant and we are still in the hospital.  Ryan did get to go home for 6 days but was not feeling well for most of the 6 days and was happy to come back to the hospital so the doctors can get him feeling better.  We are waiting on a CAT scan today to determine what's wrong with his lungs so that we can get the proper medication going, but the CMV and BK viruses are getting better in his blood stream.

When Ryan found out he was going to have to go back in-patient, he wanted to make sure he had some toys to play with so he brought up ALL of his transformers.  ALL 64 of them and they are proudly displayed in the 3 pane windows.  A couple of the transformers had to go to the shop to be fixed, but thankfully "Mom's Repair Shop" was in business and we got them all transformed into their vehicle modes.

It's been a tough two months but hopefully Ryan will be feeling better soon.