Ryan's big day took a lot longer then planned.  We thought Ryan would be getting his bone marrow transplant around 1:00 Friday afternoon.  As it turned out, Ryan did not get his transplant until midnight because his donor was in Germany and the bone marrow had to take a long flight to get here.  

As were were getting ready for the transplant, Ryan got a little nervous and his blood pressure skyrocketed so the doctors had to give him some medicine before we could get started.  After that, everything went very smoothly and was kinda a non-event.  Ryan just laid in the bed and it was no different then getting a blood transfusion.  Of course, Ryan stayed awake for the entire transfusion and refused to let the drugs let him sleep so we didn't get any sleep that night.

Its been two days now and Ryan is doing great with no complications.  He is getting chemotherapy today and his ANC count is 0 so we are expecting his energy level to drop this week and he may get mouth sores from the chemotherapy, but that is expected.