It's been 19 days since Ryan's received his bone marrow transplant and a friend of mine reminded me that's its been awhile since I posted an update.  Sorry about that...time just got way from me.

Ryan was doing fairly well up until last night when he spiked a fever of 102.3  We are hoping that the fever is due to one of the medications they gave Ryan to boost his white blood cell count but we won't know for sure until the blood cultures come back in 48 hours.

Prior to that, Ryan was doing great.  Ryan made a new friend on the transplant flood, Adam, and they were having play dates at the X-Box daily. Well I guess now that Ryan is almost 9 they don't call them play dates anymore.  Ok, Ryan and Adam occasionally met at the X-box and played a game or two (2-3 hours).  The good news, however, is that since Ryan had the mobility to get out of his room and play X-box for hours at a time, he didn't need to have physical therapy like 90% of the patients.

The only other issue Ryan has had so far is when they started to whine him off of morphine.  It's didn't go so well!  Imagine having an eight year going through drug withdrawals!  It's was awful.  Thank GOD, Ryan decided he does not like the feeling he gets when they give him the heavy pain drugs so he won't experiment at a later date

So the next question is, when does Ryan get out of the hospital?  Ryan can not get out of the hospital until his ANC count is 500 or more for three consecutive days.  He ANC count today was 350 so we were hoping that the first of the 3 days would be tomorrow and were hoping that Ryan would get to go home next Monday (April 23, 2012), but with this new fever, it may be a couple of more days.
That's all for now.