It's Day 17 of Induction therapy (or Wednesday evening).  Ryan has been in the hospital since Sunday evening when he came down with a fever and it looks like he will be here a couple more days.  On the positive side, he has completed his steroid treatments so the food cravings are getting less and his stomach is starting to go back to normal...and his is smiling again!

We are still desperately looking for a suitable bone marrow match for Ryan.  We got the test results on his sister and unfortunately Lauren was only a 1/6 match.  Ryan's Dad is a 4/6 match and they will use him if they have too, but we are really hoping for a 6/6 or 5/6 donor.

As for me, I met with the surgeons at MD Anderson on Tuesday and it looks like we will be doing a double mastectomy on February 8, 2012.  Depending on the actual size of the tumor and if it has spread to the lymph node will determine the next step in my treatment plan, which may include chemotherapy and possibly radiation.  

Until then, keep us in your prayers.