We had big plans for day 100 post transplant.  Antwaun was going to take Ryan out for a fancy meal since he would be able to eat out again and since it was so close to July 4, we were going to set off a bunch of fireworks later that night.  Unfortunately, our plans were changed.

Instead, Ryan's day 100 started off with a 4:00 am ambulance ride to Texas Children's were we found out that his red blood count was only 4.1.  Ryan received 5 pints of blood throughout the day to bring his red blood cells and platelets up to a realistic amount.  Later in the day Ryan had trouble urinating and that's when we discovered that all the blood was in his bladder and clotted so that he could not urinate.  As a result, Ryan had to have 6 different catheters throughout the night to remove the blood clots and 6-8 more the follow day when an ultrasound reviled he still had a 8 x 7 inch blood clot in his bladder.  

We are still waiting to see how we can resolve this issue but its going to take time and lots of prayer.

On a positive note, Ryan did get out of the hospital for a whole two weeks and was able to see the Miller Park firework show from the comfort of his bedroom and finally got to see the "Avengers" while it was still in the theaters.