Well, we are finally at Day 0 of 100 and its time to get Ryan's bone marrow transplant.  The 9 days leading up to today has been a mixer of good and bad days.  For the first 4 days while Ryan was getting ARA C (Chemotherapy) he had high fevers and was not feeling well at all.  All he wanted to do was sleep on the day bed in the room and have mom rub his head or back.  

Once he completed his ARA C treatment, Ryan bounced back rather quickly and was ready for visitors.  Ibrahima and Helen stopped by on Sunday and played a little bit of basketball with Ryan and Phase 10.  On Tuesday, Antwaun Molden stopped by to visit and Ryan beat Antwaun at a game of HORSE (basketball) but then Antwaun rallied and won the Phase 10 game so Antwaun had to come back on Thursday to even the score.  I was not here, but I understand the game is still in play, they just took a short break so Ryan could sleep, but Ryan is in the lead.

As for today we are just waiting for the bone marrow to come in.  Apparently, Ryan's donor is in Germany so the marrow will not get to Texas Children's Hospital until 8:30 P.M. and will be ready for infusion tonight at 10:00 P.M.  On the positive side, Ryan will get to sleep through the whole thing and his days and nights will not get mixed up.

Wish us luck tonight and please say a quick prayer for Ryan tonight.