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Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Nicki Thibodeaux on Friday, July 6, 2018, In : Family Updates 
Yes, like many other families in Houston, Ryan and I lost our home, automobile, and all our personal belonging due to the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Although we are not strangers to overcoming adversities, since were are both Cancer survivors, Hurricane Harvey was devastating. Combined we have had 5 cancer diagnosis in a period of 6 years. In our last battle, we were diagnosed 15 minutes apart and went through treatment simultaneously. One of the things that has helped this us get throug...
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Welcome to the Family

Posted by Nicki Thibodeaux on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, In : Family Updates 

Finally, enough time and healing has pasted since Ryan's bone marrow transplant that he can now have pets again!  We adopted Peter and Parker from the LMN Feline Rescue in August 2014.  Above is a picture of Peter and Parker with their new PS Pet Tags from Cool Cat Collars. Can you guess who they were named after?


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About Me

Ryan Calderon Not once, not twice but three time cancer survivor by the age of eight. Check out My Story, Updates, and my photo gallery to get a glimpse into what I have been up.