It's about 2:30 in the afternoon and we got the call from Dr. Dreyer.  The Leukemia is definitely back, but luckily it is isolated to the spinal fluid and is not present in the bone marrow.  A small miracle.  Ryan will have go back into Induction therapy to get the Leukemia back into remission and then have a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT.

Induction therapy will include weekly spinal taps where he will receive Vincristine (VCR) directly to the spinal cord.  Weekly doses of Daunorubicin inserted directly into a vein (DAUN), and unfortunately more Dexamethasone (DEX or steroids).  Because of the high risk of osteonecrosis associated with DEX, Ryan will get this for 7 days, every other week.

Once Ryan is back into remission from this latest relapse, he will receive a bone marrow transplant.  The biggest issue with a bone marrow transplant is finding him a DONOR THAT IS A MATCH.  The better the match, the better the chance for success.  It can take up to two months to find a donor match for Ryan so after he completes Induction therapy again, he will be put on some type of high dose chemotherapy until a DONOR can be found.

If you would like to volunteer to be a donor, please visit our "How to Help" page and click on the link labeled "" and sign up to be a bone marrow donor today!  It is not the painful procedure like most people think it is.  It's as easy as swabbing the inside of your cheek and then returning the kit.  If you live in Texas, you can go by any of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center ("GCRBC") locations and ask for the bone marrow donation packet.  They will swab your cheek then and there and GCRBC will send it in for you.  It's that simple.