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Keep our Mind Focused on Good Health

Posted by Nicki Thibodeaux on Friday, February 24, 2012, In : Messages to Ryan 
Oh Lord, I find it hard to remember what it was like for my son to be healthy.  Help me keep my mind focused on good health and strength.  Help me be positive about the course of treatment his is undergoing.  And let me always have faith, great faith, in your presence in my life and your glory in his health.

Lord Jesus, you came into the world to heal our infirmities and to endure our sufferings.  You went about healing all and bringing comfort to those in pain and need.  We come before you no...
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Top Eight Blessings in the Past Two Weeks

Posted by Nicki Thibodeaux on Sunday, February 12, 2012, In : Medical Updates 
In the past two weeks, Ryan and I have been very busy with moving, doctor visits, medical testing and unplanned hospital stays so I just wanted to apologize first for not being able to provide everyone a more timely update.  However, once you read our top eight (eight because Ryan is eight) list of miraculous events that have occurred, I hope you will forgive me:


  1. We have an awesome garage sale today and sold almost everything.  The house has been cleaned and ready for its ne...

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Kashi Clinical Labs - Bone Marrow Testing

Posted by Nicki Thibodeaux on Thursday, February 2, 2012, In : Medical Updates 
Several of you have said that you would be tested for a possible bone marrow match for Ryan but did not want to be included on the National Registry.  If you are interested, you can be tested through Kashi Clinical Laboratories.  It cost $165 for the standard TAT kit and there are three easy ways to order:
  1. Log on to and click on the left ORDER NOW tab,
  2. Call Diane at 877-626-4363, or
  3. Call the Lab directly at 877-527-4452
You will need the following information regarding Ryan...

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