"Hurricane Harvey Almost Got The Best of Us"  

My friends Nicki & Ryan have lost their home, automobile, and all their personal belonging due to the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. These two are no strangers to overcoming adversities. Both mom and son are Cancer survivors. Combined they have had 5 cancer diagnosis in a period of 6 years. In their last battle, Nicki and Ryan were diagnosed 15 minutes apart and went through treatment simultaneously. One of the things that has helped this mother and child get through those difficult times was knowing that at least they had a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

There was over 5 feet of water throughout their apartment. Luckily they were able to get to safety from the flooding and currently residing with friends. Nicki and Ryan were able to save what they could carry out including 5 days of medications and their cats, "Peter" & "Parker".

If you could tell by the name of his cats, Ryan is a huge Marvel Superhero fan. He is also a Houston sports fanatic (Astros, Texans & Rockets). Ryan had an immense collection of signed memorabilia from celebrities that have visited Texas Children's Hospital, his Make-A-Wish, and various conventions. Most of his collection was destroyed in the flood along with $20,000 in human growth hormone medications.

Please help them recover from this terrible tragedy. Your contribution will be used to help Nicki and Ryan start over from scratch.

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Thank you very much for your generosity.